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Welcome to the HILLOCK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL located at Sirumalai, Dindugul, established in the year 2005. Education is a continuous process by which successive generations are prepared for the more and more sophisticated and complex future. The aim of the institution is to develop every innate trait of the child in a holistic manner.
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Hillock International School is situated at Sirumalai, the cool environment and feeling of well being adds to the richness of the place. About 20 km from Dindigal in Natham Main Road, in its low profile summer get away. It is at an elevation of 1500 m and spreads over 60,000 Acres.

One third of this greenery is private revenue land on which grows coffee, cardamom, white pepper, banana and lemon. In addition to this, silver oak, gooseberry and eucalyptus are also grown. Different varieties of medicinal plants are also grown in this area. The healthy, non-polluting environment is believed, even now that a stay in this hillock to be rejuvenating to one's health and has great therapeutic value.

The hill has been praised in ancient classics, like Silappathikaram. It is said that Kannaki when she came to Madurai stayed here. Besides there is a mention about this hill in the famous Ramayana that when Hanuman returned from Srilanka with the Sanjeevi Hill in his hand, he dropped a piece of it in this place and that is Sirumalai. The lovable uninterrupted chorus from numerous forest birds and insects will be continously heard. Sirumalai is a home to a variety of birds, bison, bear, panther, barking deer and slender Loris. Sirumalai has an annual rainfall of about 2,500 mm, with maximum and minimum temperature of 30°C and 15°C.
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